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“The most important right we have is the right to be responsible”

Make the choice of sustainable development

A corporate citizen is recognized when it takes into account the social and environmental dimensions in its activities and in its relations with its interested parties.

A corporate citizen is therefore an organization whose economic, environmental and social purpose coexist.

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The benefits for
your business

Economy, social and environment

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Stand out

of your competitors by affirming to your customers your commitment to sustainable development 

Get an extra perk

by allowing you to respond to calls for tenders that include eco-responsible criteria.

Improving the professional environment

by involving employees by focusing on the talent of each of them

From your decision to make the choice of sustainable development to obtaining the Citizen Company label, a few months are enough thanks to a simple and clear procedure.

Our team and our auditors support you in establishing these standards in your company.

Do not hesitate to take

contact with our team

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