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« The audit pushes us to question our practices and improve » - Phida Groupe SA

Mehdi Oueslati (ACPO) / M. George Kona and M. Cédric Joseph « Process and certification manager »

Discover the testimony of PHIDA by Cédric joseph after their certification.

What were the reasons that made you consider certification?

It seemed important to us to be able to demonstrate to our partners our best practices in the different areas covered by the certification: Quality, Environment and Safety. Certification is being demanded more and more often by our customers!

What were your biggest fears about getting your company certified?

As our group is made up of companies covering many sectors (construction, events, services, investments), it was important that auditors are made aware of the specificities of each sector, managed according to their own context.

How did your employees experience the integration of the certification into their everyday life?

Since the group has been certified for several years, the certification has not changed our daily life. However, ACPO's very pragmatic and “no-nonsense” approach has been well received by our staff.

What is the biggest change that certification has brought about in your company?

The audit encourages us to question our practices and improve. For example, we have opened a reflection on the management of our employees' skills, on our process for selecting our suppliers and we want to make a more in-depth analysis of the environmental impact of our


How did you experience our cooperation?

Very good ! The platform that allows us to submit our documents and to answer the first documentary questions before the auditor's visit allows to focus during the audit on the functioning and life of our group, but provides the auditors' point of view on our practices the most added value these days exam.

Mehdi Oueslati (ACPO) / Bastien Sauve, Director


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